kif /kīf/
noun (from Arabic تكيف(kayf), meaning "well-being, pleasure")

State of total bliss, perfect happiness.


Aromatic, warming and transportive: Kif-Kif's menu retraces Morocco’s rich culinary tradition, whilst creating new ones. Its style is bold and wholesome, with much use of flavours typical of Moroccan cooking: fresh herbs, spices and hints of fragrant essences.


Launching their first supper outside of the kitchen they share together at home, Camille Larère and Emma Schwak, founders of Kif-Kif, are delighted to bring their inaugural ‘Moroccan Supper Club’ to Dovedales.


A journey to the souk: a gateway to Morocco.

Supper Club by Kif-Kif | 11th June 19:00 [early bird offer only until 31st May]

£45.00 Regular Price
£40.00Sale Price