SUPPER CLUB by Kif-kif

11th June, 2022 7PM

kif /kīf/
noun (from Arabic تكيف(kayf), meaning "well-being, pleasure")

State of total bliss, perfect happiness.

Aromatic, warming and transportive: Kif-Kif's menu retraces Morocco’s rich culinary tradition, whilst creating new ones. Its style is bold and wholesome, with much use of flavours typical of Moroccan cooking: fresh herbs, spices and hints of fragrant essences.

Launching their first supper club outside of the kitchen they share together at home, Camille Larère and Emma Schwak, founders of Kif-Kif, are delighted to bring their inaugural ‘Moroccan Supper Club’ to Dovedales.

A journey to the souk: a gateway to Morocco.




SUPPER CLUB by The Adobros

23rd / 30th April, 2022 7PM

We are bringing Mark's(Founder of The Adobros) taste of the Philippines to our dining room.


Featuring a menu centred around the Filipino celebrated Pork Belly Adobo, accompanied by a range of other delicious dishes, we present to you a dining experience that we feel captures the best of the Filipino food culture they grew up with: the warm welcome, the social sharing, the festive feasting and, of course, the distinctively delicious flavours of our take on Filipino classics.



10th April, 2022 6PM / 8.30PM

Lido’s is an experimental pop-up kitchen led by photographer Morgan Markey and chef Ranieri Raimondi. 

The supper club menu is designed based on the chef Rani's Neapolitan background and his shared love for Asian cuisine with his partner. It is Italian cuisine with hints of Asian and French influences weaved throughout each dish. 

About The Chef Rani:

Born in Napoli, grew up by the beach. He has a passion for fish markets and the slow lifestyle of the south. Rani currently works as Head chef at a French restaurant, using modern French techniques to prepare his cuisine. Before this, he worked in several restaurants between London and Napoli, including Michelin star restaurants.